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Cleaning Hacks That Don't Actually Work

Cleaning is part of our daily routine to have a better and healthier environment but of course we have to buy products that are really safe and effective for us and for the environment. Sometimes we search tips and tricks on the internet just to save time, money and find out other resources.

But did you know that there are some cleaning hacks that don't work and of course it will just waste your time and money or it might be dangerous to your health. So let's find out cleaning hacks that don't actually work:

1. Sanitize Sponges in the Microwave

Yes, high heat can kill some bacteria but the length of time needed in a microwave to reach the desired temperature to kill all the bacteria on the sponge will result in a flaming, incinerated sponge.

According to study, sponge should be replaced weekly.

2. Use Hairspray to Remove Ink This is an oldie but a goodie hack that used to work when hairspray was nearly 100% alcohol. But times have changed. Today's hairsprays contain less alcohol (which is the magic ink remover) and more conditioners, oils, and emollients. Save the hairspray for your updo and grab the isopropyl alcohol instead.

3. Hot Water Kills All Germs Hot water can kill some bacteria, but it has to be really hot (212 degrees F) and the contaminated surface must be exposed for several minutes. Since most home hot water heaters are set at 120 degrees F, you're fooling yourself about expecting hot water alone to kill germs. After the flu sweeps through your home or you prepare raw meats in the kitchen, add a disinfectant like chlorine bleach, pine oil, or phenolic solutions (Lysol) to your cleaning routine.

4. Coca Cola Is the Best Toilet Cleaner This is one of the cleaning hacks that most people are impressed. But most carbonated sodas contain small quantities of citric and phosphoric acids that are effective in slowly removing rust and some stains. However, a liter of soda will do nothing to kill bacteria and leaves a sticky residue that might just provide food for bacteria growth in the toilet. Stick with disinfecting toilet cleaners; they're better and cheaper.

5. Extra Detergent Will Produce Cleaner Laundry Does more shampoo makes our hair more clean? The answer is no! Same goes with our laundry and or dirty floors. Adding extra detergent and cleaners makes it harder to rinse away and remove all the sticky residue. If that residue is left in fabrics or on the surface of your carpet or kitchen floor, it works as a dirt magnet. Fabrics turn dull, and floors attract soil more quickly. Instead of adding more, choose the best quality cleaner for the job, read the directions, and measure appropriately. An extra bonus, you'll save money and make fewer trips to the store.

It's okay to use hacks and tips from the internet but it requires you to study first if it is safe for you, for the environment and for your wallet. We at ServiceMaster provides tips and tricks that will help you save money. So don't forget to subscribe to our blogs or newsletters. We also provide different services such as project-based and commercial janitorial and housekeeping services that will save you time and money for not doing same mistakes you did before. To avail our services kindly contact us at: 8842 7163 or 8850 1645 local 1011 or

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