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18 Beautiful Pastel Kitchen Ideas

Pastel colors have a dual personality. While able to retain the vibrancy and brightness of color that other muted tints often lack, pastels are also renowned for their ability to soothe and calm the viewer.

1. Add Millennial Pink

Millennial pink kitchen resembles fresh, soft, subtle, making it a modern feel. It will look your kitchen updated without even renovation. Adding pastel appliances will make the kitchen more soothing to the eyes.

2. Cuddle Mint

Adding mint on the cabinet makes it more refreshing and contemporary and adds big impact on the whole kitchen.

3. Add Marble

We normally used marbles on kitchen. Adding mint cabinet will also emphasize it's pastel look on the kitchen.

4. Pastels and Texture

Adding pastel on walls, cabinets, and appliances are great idea but it would be better to add pastels and texture on floors too. As you can see on the photo above, it gives accent on the whole kitchen.

5. Cheery Yellow

Yellow represents happiness or joy. It is usually one of the colors you can see on fast food because it makes you feel hungry so it would be good having a cheery yellow theme on the kitchen.

6. Lilac Cabinets

Pale purple or lilac with a gold accents creates femininity and a touch of sophistication and glam.

7. Candy-Inspired Kitchen

The light blue base cabinets has the same color as the color candy. The open shelving makes it feel even airier and fresher.

8. Go Retro

The style and color of the chairs and other appliances adds a retro feel on the whole pastel kitchen. Combining old fashioned style retro dresses up the whole kitchen, making it more unique and stylish at the same time.

9. Pair Visually Interesting Colors

Combining or pairing different colors might be risky but interesting too. On the image above, you can see different shades of blue, green, and red but they have different shades making one part stands out or others with more pale color makes unique.

10. Start Small

Can't paint your wall? Why not adding appliances or other ornaments that have pastel colors. This will be able to create other pastel palette and beautify your home.

11. Crazy for Yellow

Unlike other pale yellow, the images above has bold yellow color for the base cabinet. Yellow evokes a feeling of warmth and hospitality. Other pastel ornaments may be used to add accent.

12. The New Black and White

White can make the area lighter, but changing the perspective of combining black and pink instead of black and white makes it more unique. Adding pink on the brick makes it avoids the whole kitchen from being too dark.

13. Add a Touch of Gold

Having a pastel ornaments, cabinets and having a touch of gold makes the kitchen more elegant and premium.

14. Look up

Imagine the photo above if there is no mint green color? Sometimes, unused wall on the top of the cabinet needs a splash of paint to look cool.

15. Go Bold with Color

Blue and purple are almost on the same section of color wheel. Combining those two colors and adding plants can make you feel about fruit and or nature.

16. Mix Pastels

Pale gray cabinets and pastel mint chairs are good combinations. Creating your own combinations of pastels are really pleasing to the eyes.

17. Modern Pastels

Mint cabinets are good to showcase modern style. Pastel colors can pull off modern style than using the usual brownish color cabinet.

18. Peachy Kitchen

Pale peach, greens and patterns can give a retro feel to the kitchen.

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