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Why Choose Us?

We provide facilities management services
in IT & BPO

Our extensive experience, know-how and skill accumulated through the long years are reflected in every aspect of our training program as we strive

to lower our costs while raising our standards and quality service.


support SERVICES

  • Account Officers / Coordinators

  • Sales Executives

  • Admin Assistants

  • Receptionist

  • Data Encoders

  • Scanner / Documents Preparers

  • Key Operators

  • Policy Reviewers

  • Plant Operators

  • Warehouse Assistant

  • Checker

  • Driver


The fundamental mission of ServiceMaster management program is to train, equip, motivate and develop employees in the performance of service duties based on our performance agreement. Each employee is provided with sufficient training and make each individual as efficient, effective and productive as possible.

As a growing company, ServiceMaster is hiring people with a positive attitude, strong work ethic, and customer service focus. An Office Support Specialist assists in daily operations and clerical tasks. Each employee possesses incredible organizational abilities, be able to effectively prioritize assignments and complete them in a timely manner.

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