At ServiceMaster we shall provide all necessary training to all personnel employed for the performance of work, as well as to any other individuals and all other factors particular to a certain location.

Job Skill Training

Building Cleaning & Maintenance Course, a one (1) month basic training program (prior to deployment).

101, 201, & 301

Certification Training

Advance training on Carpet Care, Floor Care, Upholstery Cleaning and Marble Crystalization.

Basic Leadership

Training Program

For prospective Facility Work Leads and Supervisors.

On-site Training

UBIX Institute of Technology, Inc.

4-year Courses

  • Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

  • Bachelor of Science in Tourism Management

  • Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management

K-12 Programs​

  • Home Economics

    • Housekeeping​

    • Bartending

    • Cookery

    • Bread and Pastry

    • Food and Beverage

    • Local Guiding Services

    • Attraction and Theme Park Tourism

    • Events Management Services

  • Technical-Vocational

    • Front Office (HM/HE)

    • Travel Services (TM)

    • Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW)

  • TESDA Courses

    • Housekeeping NC II

    • Electrical Installation and Maintenance NC II

Contact Numbers:

8 807-0322/8 850-1645 loc. 1303


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Include orientation on company regulations, "We Serve" customer service, safety, personal development, and values formation.


Office Address

UBIX Cpd., Concepcion Rd., Brgy Buli, Muntinlupa City, Philippines

Tel: 8-850-16-45


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